Jumper Cables for the Mind

Here’s one way to get those juices flowing: Jumper Cables for the Mind – NYTimes.com.  We’re already concerned about people enhancing their ability to access and process information using tools like Google Glass, and it’s already well-known that everyday activities like drinking a cup of coffee can enhance mental performance.  Now, we’re going to have to watch out for people with electrodes stuck to their heads.,,

On a related note, you might head over to Lumosity.com if you’re interested in some (non-electrifying) mental stimulation.

Fascinating New Brain Research

Researchers have observed never-before-detected brain activity in deep coma states.  This has obvious implications for end-of-life decisions, but also (as the article points out) for trauma patients who are placed into comas for medical reasons.  Very interesting stuff.

How to Lose an Election

Bill Clinton says, “We just have to slow down our economy” to fight global warming. This is the same guy who swept into office on James Carville’s mantra that it’s “the economy, stupid,” right? Is the Clinton campaign even looking at polls like this one? This one?

Ethanol’s Dirty Side

According to this report to the California Air Resources Board, total ethanol emissions actual surpass fossil fuel emissions. Hat tip to JunkScience.com Blog.

Nanocars. This is Just Cool.

Drs. James Tour and Kevin Kelly of Rice University have built the world’s first single-molecule nanocar. This is just cool. Dr. Tour is awesome.

Junk Science – Global Warming Blues

Junk Science – Global Warming Blues on FoxNews.com. For more good and honest evaluation of the evidence for and against various possible climate changes – warmer, colder, whatever – check out JunkScience.com.

You might also find Michael Crichton’s State of Fear interesting.

Let the Uproar Begin

The Kansas Board of Education, voting 6-4, has approved a science curriculum for public schools which incorporates information about the “intelligent design” arguments on human origins and highlights problems with contemporary evolutionary theory. This is bound to create a massive uproar, of course; I won’t dive into any of the issues, here, but I thought it deserved a mention.

If you are unfamiliar with the intelligent design argument or have only heard the way it is presented in the news, you owe it to yourself to read Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box. Whatever the debate, whatever side you’re on, you should be familiar with the best argument for each side’s claims before commenting, yourself, and Behe’s book presents about the best explication of intelligent design around.