Junk Science – Global Warming Blues

Junk Science – Global Warming Blues on FoxNews.com. For more good and honest evaluation of the evidence for and against various possible climate changes – warmer, colder, whatever – check out JunkScience.com.

You might also find Michael Crichton’s State of Fear interesting.





3 responses to “Junk Science – Global Warming Blues”

  1. JJE Avatar

    State of Fear was a well written bit of fiction. Very enjoyable. My concern is that people might read it and believe blindly (in the same way that it pokes fun at people for doing w.r.t. global warming, etc.).

  2. Ed Avatar

    Fair enough. I think the point of the book, though, was that the evidence for and against global warming is much more split than most people realize or the popular press usually reports.

  3. JJE Avatar

    True. Who wants to know all the complex facts when they can have a catchy, easy to remember one-liner?

    Look how effective this is in politics!

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