Have They Lost Their Minds?

I mentioned a couple of days ago that my apartment complex had done a rather poor job scheduling a building-wide extermination. Well, they’ve one-upped themselves. This building pioneered high-rise recycling. Each floor has recycling bins near the garbage chutes. I would say at least 30% of residents participate.

Well, the new owners of the building had the wonderful idea of eliminating the on-floor recycling bins and consolidating all recycling to one of the loading docks “to improve the overall effectiveness of the recycling program.” It used to take me about a minute to walk down the hall, drop off my recycling, and walk back to my apartment. It would take, at minimum, 7 or 8 minutes to take my recycling to the loading dock and return to my apartment. I guess they were looking for a quick way to reduce participation to near zero. They found it!





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