A job for my dad, thoughts for me…

Well, my dad got a job today (he’s been out of work since the fall). He’s selling cars at the Ford dealership in my hometown (Fayetteville, GA), with potential to move into management. It’s not really his field, but it’s a job – right now, that’s what matters. I told him it’s only OK with me if he can find me a deal on a truck when the time comes…

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to go to Austin for a preparation weekend for my 1-2 year trip to the Middle East. That’s been on my mind all week; for one thing, I have $36,000 to raise in less than four months, which is intimidating. In addition, there were some recent arrests of evangelical Christians in the country I’m going to… that’s a little unnerving. I’ll gladly go to jail for my faith, if that’s what I’m called to, but I’d prefer not to, otherwise. Anyway, I’m helping with music in Austin, so I’m trying to run through a couple songs.

I just had to interrupt this – a neighbor of mine came to the door to invite me to her church. Life always stays interesting…






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