Back in the USA! (Well, on the web, anyway…)

Well, after just about 2 years in absentia, my blog is back, with a new look and new name. Of course, nobody had even heard of a “blog” in 2001, when I built this system, so it was an “online journal,” or maybe a “weblog,” but whatever… The latest from my random brain follows…

A lot has changed, lately. One of my dear friends has left this world to be with the Lord, my first car died, I’m working 70+ hours a week, and I’m now an entrepreneur. That, of course, leaves out the time I spent in France and North Africa! My, how the time flies.

Anyway, I only ever took this blog off the web because of security concerns involved in my time overseas. I’m a bit less worried about that, now that I’m in Fayetteville, GA – freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Speaking of which, check out (formerly part of the Fox News site), which has been “Carping about the excesses of clueless crybabies since the turn of the century.”

Anyway, I should find food. Until next time!





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