Business is boomin’

Topsail is roaring right along, this month – we have a number of new web design and search engine optimization prospects, and the business itself is on solid footing, for a while, even without new cash flow! God is good. We turned down an enormous, but morally questionable, contract about three weeks ago; I can’t help but think the latest blessings are due to God’s hand on this business.

Annie (my sister, age 22) is going to the ER, tonight, due to ongoing inflamation (and maybe a new infection) from a poorly performed root canal, months ago. Turns out, she never even needed a root canal, but this jerk of doctor did one, anyway. She’ll see him in court…

Meanwhile, I need some sleep – Campus Crusade’s Worldwide Day of Prayer is tomorrow, so I have to report in earlier than usual.





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