Boredom. Big Time.

I’m having problems, again, with the fact that I don’t have much in terms of either friends or a peer group, here (in Georgia, that is). Sure, there are some Christian folks roughly my age (though most are a couple years younger), but I don’t know of anyone around here with similar life experiences, interests, or goals. Makes Sunday afternoons extremely boring, and the rest of the time just gets filled up with work.


The Federal Marriage Amendment

Unless you’re living in a cave, you probably have heard about the recent Supreme Court overthrow of anti-sodomy laws in 13 states. You’ve probably also heard that this is “Gay Pride” weekend (or simply “Pride” weekend, since “gay” is apparently insensitive to the “transgendered” and all sorts of other folks).

We have a problem here.

Various groups are trying to undermine the most basic of all social institutions: marriage. The God-ordained institution of marriage is under attack in courts across the nation, and your help is needed to save it before the one man-one woman definition of marriage is completely and radically redefined. Homosexual marriage will soon be a reality if you fail to get involved! Go to and sign the petition supporting a federal marriage amendment.


The Rice Owls beat the Stanford Cardinal 14-2 to clinch a national championship, our first in any team sport! Go Rice! Hats off to all the Owls, and special thanks to Chris Kolkhorst, Vincent Sinisi, Jeff Neimann, Wade Townsend, Enrique Cruz, Philip Umber, and, of course, the one and only Wayne Graham. We love you, coach.

I love my school.

Got ’em!

Rice beats Texas 5-4 in the ninth, advancing to the CWS championship series and eliminating the Longhorns. Better yet, that puts us at 3-0 against our archrivals. Better still, we just eliminated the defending national champions. Best of all: both of UT’s losses in the CWS came at the hands of my Rice Owls.

Yes, I’m gloating. No, I don’t feel bad about it. 🙂

The EdBlog works again, and other topics

The EdBlog “broke” at the end of May, when I found a ColdFusion MX limitation. (The last two entries had to be done by hand.) So, it took me a while today to fix it. It’s finally up, again.

Much of my free time over the last two weeks has been spent assembling an online directory for the Panama City Beach, 1999, Campus Crusade for Christ, summer project. It’s up, and appears to be working quite well.

The news of the day is that Rice beat SMS in Round 1 of the College World Series (CWS) – in our four trips, that was only our second win and our first first-round win. I think we’re going all the way, this year, anyway, though, so I wasn’t surprised.

Meanwhile, I’m not working at the New Life Resources office, anymore – I’ll be telecommuting for a little while, until I finish some open projects, then working on an as-needed basis. Since we have some potentially huge contracts in the works with Topsail Consulting, I need to focus on that.

That’s about what’s new! I’m going to go get my butt kicked by Fritz 7 (a chess program) and try to relax a bit.

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