If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself…

Every time it rains, our DSL goes out, and the phone line gets screwy (or just goes out, as well). Bellsouth has sent people out, repeatedly, usually after delays of hours or days, which is bad, for a home-based Internet business. They usually tinker for a while and get it working again, but not always; in any case, it only works until it rains again.

It’s raining here, and the DSL went out minutes after I took a website down for maintenance. So, I grabbed a can of compressed air, a flathead screwdriver, four grocery sacks, and a handful of rubber bands, and water-proofed the phone box. I wouldn’t suggest submersing the box, but the DSL is back up…

Update 12/19/2003: I feel obligated to note that my “fix” wasn’t permanent. The phone went out in the morning, and we finally got a competent Bellsouth repairman out, who rewired the box. Still, I’m happy with myself. 🙂







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