Law school applications and a really big tree

The good news: my law school applications are all in. Now, I just have to wait (my Ph.D. applications are going to get finished on Wednesday of next week).

The not so good news: a huge tree (about 60 feet tall, 3 feet thick at the base, and 1.5-2 feet thick for most of the trunk) came down and took out the back porch. We had it looked at by a friend, who owns a tree service, and he felt it was safe to leave it alone.

This afternoon, the wind starting blowing very strongly, suddenly – I would guess around 50 mph; I went to the back window to look out and see what was going on. I saw this tree start to buckle – it turned out to be quite hollow – and tilt directly toward the kitchen. I fled the kitchen, leaving behind a few words I do not normally use, as the tree twisted to the left and took out the porch. Had it continued to fall straight, it would have obliterated the kitchen. As it is, the A/C and heater, the grill, and even the extension ladder – currently pinned under a mess of limbs – all appear to be fine, and only the porch was damaged. That was quite a gust of wind – it only lasted maybe 2 minutes, most of that time at 40 mph or higher, and then it was calm.





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