University of Texas Student Earns a 180 on the LSAT…

… and advises students to sell their souls. Okay, not really, that’s what the article says a lot of students would do, but the student in question, Jesse Townsend, does advise aspiring law students to pick a major based on the GPA they would expect to earn.

Congratulations to Jesse, by the way, but his advice is just what’s wrong with the law profession, from what I can see. Too many people go to law school because it’s “just what to do” if one isn’t going to med school or business school. If the deciding factor in your choice of a subject to spend 3 or 4 years on is the GPA you expect to get, you can expect to be unhappy and stressed as an undergrad, possibly unhappy as a law student, and probably unhappy as a lawyer. Have a life! Pick something you like! Be different; law schools like that. If I were admitting law school students, I’d take somebody with modest grades and a passion for ancient languages over yet another 3.9 GPA PoliSci student, who chose his or her major to get that 3.9, any day.

That’s just my $0.02, but if you’re pre-law and reading this, I strongly encourage you to explore different subjects and figure out who you really are before getting to the LSAT or applying to law schools.

Hat tip to JD2B.






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