I hate ColdFusion

ColdFusion has to be the most inefficient web scripting language in the world. Sure, applications can be developed quickly in CFML, but installing and maintaining ColdFusion MX is a nightmare.

I have installed it on at least 5 computers, now, including several versions of Windows and Linux, and have never yet seen it install smoothly. Every time, it has involved uninstalling and reinstalling at least once, as well as at least one discussion either with tech support or other technical folks.

Throw in the fact the ColdFusion has major limitations – no arbitrary database connections, very limited image manipulation, problems with any kind of binary data involving NULL characters, etc – and ColdFusion has to be the most difficult platform to use, ever. PHP, Perl, and Python are all straightforward to install on various OSes, and are actually not nearly as limited as Macromedia (Adobe) would have us think.

Grrrr…. Back to wasting time on ColdFusion installations….





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