Tag: Programming

  • What I’m Up to Now

    If you read this blog regularly, you know I have a lot on my plate. Here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m up to. My startup, Cereblitz, makes the world’s first e-commerce platform and shopping cart for truly custom and customizable products. It’s great for just about all other products, too, of course! Check out the […]

  • Does an Operating System’s GUI Matter?

    “Fibonacci” on the 168Hours blog says no and offers 10 Reasons why GUI Doesn’t Matter. His reasons, however, are basically screenshots using various tools to make Windows look a lot like Ubuntu (Linux), Mac OS X, Fedora, or KDE Plastik. I think this overlooks several key factors: performance, out-of-the-box configuration, and mass appeal. Performance: first […]

  • WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment Killer)

    IMPORTANT: The plugin described below has not been updated or tested in many years. Use at your own risk. In my ongoing battle against comment spam, I have finally decided to write myself a WordPress plugin as an additional layer of defense. It’s called WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment Killer). WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment […]

  • I hate ColdFusion

    ColdFusion has to be the most inefficient web scripting language in the world. Sure, applications can be developed quickly in CFML, but installing and maintaining ColdFusion MX is a nightmare. I have installed it on at least 5 computers, now, including several versions of Windows and Linux, and have never yet seen it install smoothly. […]