Userscript for Tweet Round-Ups

If you are at all into web design, you likely read’s weekly post on their favorite tweets of the week. If not, you should.

If you do read that post, you will notice that only the fancy shortened-URL links are clickable; the images aren’t clickable. This was driving me a little crazy, so I spent about two minutes writing a userscript to make the images clickable.

If you aren’t familiar with userscripts, they are little bits of JavaScript that run in your browser. You need the GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox or the TamperMonkey extension for Chrome to run them. They can add a lot to your web browsing experience.

Here’s the script. You can install it by clicking here.


I am an avid user of lots of tools for learning more about websites (various whois sites, DNS lookup services, Google PageRank, Alexa, just about anything that simplifies my use of the web.) One of my new favorites, though, has to be Quarkbase. For the amount of information it provides on a single screen, it’s hard to beat.

Hat tip: Lifehacker.

I hate ColdFusion

ColdFusion has to be the most inefficient web scripting language in the world. Sure, applications can be developed quickly in CFML, but installing and maintaining ColdFusion MX is a nightmare.

I have installed it on at least 5 computers, now, including several versions of Windows and Linux, and have never yet seen it install smoothly. Every time, it has involved uninstalling and reinstalling at least once, as well as at least one discussion either with tech support or other technical folks.

Throw in the fact the ColdFusion has major limitations – no arbitrary database connections, very limited image manipulation, problems with any kind of binary data involving NULL characters, etc – and ColdFusion has to be the most difficult platform to use, ever. PHP, Perl, and Python are all straightforward to install on various OSes, and are actually not nearly as limited as Macromedia (Adobe) would have us think.

Grrrr…. Back to wasting time on ColdFusion installations….

Any ColdFusion or Linux gurus out there?

If any ColdFusion MX wonks read this, I need help. I have a CFMX 7.0 install on Fedora Core 2 and keep getting errors. I think they’re related to some packet filtering problems, but don’t know how to fix it in FC2.

Here’s the summary: I finally got CFMX and Apache connected, properly, but any request for a .cfm file returns the CF default 404 page. This is true both for files I have uploaded or created and for the administrator pages. I can access other types of files (e.g., GIFs and JPGs) in the same directories, without problems.

A typical error entry in any of the CF logs might look like this, even though the file in question does exist:
08/05 16:51:40 Error [jrpp-18] - File not found: /testpage.cfm The specific sequence of files included or processed is: /home/httpd/vhosts/

I get errors in the Apache logs that look like this (all for one request):
[Fri Aug 05 01:04:37 2005] [notice] jrApache[22346: 57868] JRun unable to fetch clustered-servers < - [39], proxy busy [Fri Aug 05 01:04:37 2005] [notice] jrApache[22346: 57868] Couldn't initialize from remote server, JRun server(s) probably down. [Fri Aug 05 01:04:37 2005] [notice] jrApache[22346: 57868] JRun will not accept request. Check JRun web server configuration and JRun mappings on JRun server. [Fri Aug 05 01:04:37 2005] [notice] jrApache[22346: 57868] JRun unable to fetch clustered-servers <- [39], proxy busy [Fri Aug 05 01:04:37 2005] [notice] jrApache[22346: 57868] Couldn't initialize from remote server, JRun server(s) probably down.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Today’s News

Today, I received the poker chips and table top I ordered several days ago. All in all, they are very nice – the table top, in particular, surpassed my expectations. I bought both chips and table top at 5StarDeal. The downside: while I ordered 250 white chips and 200 red, I received 450 white and 0 red. The good news is that they are replacing those chips and refunding me the return shipping cost.

Meanwhile, I got very, very frustrated with Macromedia Dreamweaver; while it claims to support Find/Replace operations with regular expressions, a great many regex features (like the “limsux” operators, most special/control characters, and some others) don’t work, and the matches are not always all found. Hence, I had a client website offline for about an hour – far longer than the planned 5 minutes – while I double-checked and corrected Dreamweaver’s faulty performance. I think I’m going to build a regex-capable find/replace program for Windows, since none of the programs I’ve seen work properly. Who would be interested in such a thing? If you would, or if you know of another program I should look at, please comment!

P.S. This is the dealer button I ordered, but I don’t have it, yet.

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