I just placed an order on TigerDirect.com, whence I have ordered before with great satisfaction. Each product I ordered was listed as available and ready to ship within 24 hours. However, on the receipt page, for the first time, I found a notice informing me that my order could be delayed by 5 or more business days. After speaking on the phone with a customer service rep, I found it could be 10 business days before my order even shipped! There is and was no mention, prior to the receipt page, of any noteworthy delays. I’m moving in 4 business days and will not be in my new apartment for 6; I need this stuff before I move. So, after 2.5 hours of finding the best deals on the most appropriate products and another 30+ minutes on the phone, I am left with nothing but a cancelled order. I just wasted most of my evening; now, I have to go find another source for these very different products, hopefully without paying for shipping from multiple vendors. I am outraged.

UPDATE: 1.5 hours later, I have found another merchant with the same or better products for roughly equivalent prices. I will actually end up paying about $30 more, but for slightly better products, and with the assurance I should get them in time for them to do me some good… I think…






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