Post-Move Blogging from the Windy City

I apologize for the long break in posting. I had to pack up and move all my belongings to Chicago, so I could start law school. I haven’t unpacked fully, but I’ll be there within 24 hours.

Anyway, I plan to begin blogging much more regularly, now that the major hassle of moving is past. Upcoming (likely) topics: Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ophelia, President Bush, FEMA, DHS, spam, foreign policy and the 2008 Presidential election cycle, Judge John Roberts and his confirmation hearings, loony policies in our schools, Chicago life, and much, much, much more. Feel free to suggest a topic – I’d love to know what my audience wants to hear.

As for right now, I’m learning why this is called the Windy City – we had such a strong and noisy gust of wind against the side of my building (I’m on the 20th floor) that I thought there had been a wreck or the scaffolding across the street had fallen down or something. Wow.

A quick note for my PCB buddies: hang in there; the directory is coming back. I just haven’t had time to deal with it, yet.





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