Why Microsoft Really and Truly is Evil

Those of you who have ever traveled with a laptop running Microsoft Outlook probably realize by now that it handles time changes very, very poorly. If you enter appointments while in, say, the Eastern Time Zone, then travel to, say, Chicago, all of your appointments will be moved up one hour. Your e-mails will continue to show the time received in Eastern Time, so it will look as though you are getting messages from 1 hour in the future. Even worse, all day events will be shifted, as well, so that Thanksgiving will be partly on a Wednesday and partly on a Thursday. Duh. According to Microsoft, this is a feature (so that appointments “back home” will show in the appropriate local time), but nearly everyone seems to agree that it makes no sense, whatsoever. I am in that group.

Now, imagine a major computer geek (yours truly) actually moving (permanently) between time zones. What a mess.

Also, Outlook appears to be resetting my Windows time zone settings (that is, it lets me keep the appropriate time, but keeps switching to the Eastern Time Zone). Anybody know how to fix all these problems?






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