Rough Day

Okay, it could have been much worse, but this was a rough day.

I smacked into the curb, pulling out of the garage, this morning. No damage to the car, so far as I can tell.
I bollixed up my understanding of a set of cases in Contracts.
I made a fool of myself in Torts, when I misunderstood the professor’s line of questions, entirely, and therefore got utterly lost.
I baked my laptop in its case, when it came out of standby for no apparent reason and tried, but failed, to hibernate. This keeps happening. Come on, Microsoft… if you have $37 billion on hand, you can fix this.
I nearly killed several idiot pedestrians who decided that having the right of way meant it would be okay for them to step in front of a vehicle moving at 40 mph.
I spilled coffee in my car stereo. Or, more accurately, the jostling of the car flung coffee out of its closed container and into the stereo at the optimal angle for making a huge mess. I don’t believe it did any permanent damage.

Frankly, I’m just glad I didn’t get killed, kill anyone, damage any personal or public property, or get kicked out of school.





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