Day: January 8, 2006

  • Thought of the Day

    “When I am weary with the cost I see the triumph of the cross So in its shadow I will run Till He completes the work begun. One day all things will be made new I’ll see the hope you called me to And in your kingdom paved with gold I’ll praise your faithfulness of […]

  • More Spam Stats

    For December: Good: 1,573 Spam: 15,963 Total: 17,536 (566/day) For 2005 Good: 19,889 Spam: 129,505 Total: 149,394 (409/day) Figures do not include UChicago, Yahoo!, or gMail messages. That’s just wrong.

  • Site Update

    An awful lot has been going on, lately. Expect more posting, soon – Christmas break and posting just didn’t work out too well. Don’t expect posting too soon, though – I will be out of town much of this week, which means I will be spending the rest buried in law books…