Illinois’ 1st Congressional District Race

I got tired of seeing Phillip Jackson ads (and having his fliers stuck under my windshield wipers), so I decided to figure out just who is running for the House of Representatives in this district. I’m still registered to vote in North Carolina, so one could say I have no horse in this race, except that I have to listen to it. It turns out that there are three candidates:

1. Bobbie Rush (D, I) – I have heard absolutely nothing out of the incumbent. Nothing. Surely he’s doing something, but based on his website and some Googling, I’m not entirely sure what.
2. Phillip Jackson (D) – I wish I had heard nothing out of Mr. Jackson. His campaign reminds me of the race for Senior Class President at my high school and appears to have purchased nearly all the “airtime” on a local public access cable channel. He personally bears a remarkable and disturbing resemblance to an individual who confronted me at a gas pump, once, yelling about a snake in a Houston storm canal. The slogan on the fliers under my wipers – “Become the Change” – makes me want to injure myself. He appears, however, to be running the only real campaign in town, so I’d have to say he’s in good shape, at this point.
3. Jason Tabour (R) – I have also, unfortunately, heard very little about Mr. Tabour. In fact, I had to poke around Google for about 15 minutes to figure out who the Republican candidate is. In all honesty, Mr. Tabour is running a real uphill battle in this district, anyway; John Kerry won 70% of the vote, here, in 2004, and Congressman Rush won his victory 85-15. Any Republican candidate is probably a real long shot, here.

So, there you have it. Two no-shows and one candidate I wish would stop showing. It’s early, for a Congressional race, so maybe – hopefully – there will be a bit more balance as time goes on. I had to make this post, though, because it seemed like somebody out there should not only list the candidates but include links to their websites, as well.





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