I (still) love my MINI!

For those who haven’t heard, I left my moonroof partially open during Wednesday’s thunderstorm. I thought I’d closed it, but I was wrong, apparently. Anyway, the sensor for the remote (keyless) entry system shorted out, because it’s in the rearview mirror, which got soaked. So, I drove out to a local dealer, today, expecting to lay down somewhere between $200 and $500 for repairs (the part is something like $180, and it’s a BMW make, so I figured: not cheap).

Total cost: $0.
Bonuses: $10 gas card, free car wash, and free replacement wiper blades.
Total time required: 3 hours, more of which was driving than waiting. Even while I was waiting, I was able to use their free Wi-Fi to work on my Holmes/Posner paper.

I love my car.

In other news: I have given up on posting much of anything meaningful on here, until after June 8, because I have one 20-page paper due next week and three exams immediately thereafter. Also, any comments are likely to be delayed in appearing, because the EdBlog has been inundated with spam, so all comments now require my approval, until I can upgrade the spam filtering.






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