Month: June 2006

  • LSAT Prep in the Chicago Metro Area

    I no longer offer any test preparation services. I am not able at this time to make referrals to any other private tutors. Please do not write me to ask for test prep – this is all I will be able to tell you.

  • Mt. Rainier

    A little while back, a friend (who also happens to be my dentist) invited me to join him on a Mt. Rainier climb, next month. I jumped at the opportunity, but the company that organizes these trips told me the trip in question was booked full. Well, yesterday, I got off the waitlist. I’m going!…

  • Signed Base Sweetness!

    I went and saw the Cubs-Tigers game, today. To all you ultra-hardcore Southsiders: yes, it is okay to like both teams, not a sign of mental defect, and I’m still a Sox fan! Anyway, the game was a disaster – every run scored for either side was on a home run. There were eleven of…

  • Great. Now, I’m even getting spam from United States Senators.

    I somehow (not by choice) got added to Saxby Chambliss’s mailing list, about two years ago. I unsubscribed. I was added, again, about a year ago, after I had moved out of the State of Georgia. I unsubscribed. Today, I got a “weekly update” newsletter from his office, with no unsubscribe link or instructions, in…

  • More Earthquakes

    My sleepy little hometown is rockin’ and rollin’. My parents report that they felt this one, too.