LSAT Prep in the Chicago Metro Area

I no longer offer any test preparation services. I am not able at this time to make referrals to any other private tutors. Please do not write me to ask for test prep – this is all I will be able to tell you.

Mt. Rainier

A little while back, a friend (who also happens to be my dentist) invited me to join him on a Mt. Rainier climb, next month. I jumped at the opportunity, but the company that organizes these trips told me the trip in question was booked full.

Well, yesterday, I got off the waitlist. I’m going! Fortunately, I have been making a solid effort, lately, to get back into better shape. In fact, I missed the phone call, because I was at the gym. The first year of law school had me in the worst shape of my life, for a little while. Fortunately, I also have a very high metabolism and am – just barely – on track to be in the shape I want to be in when I leave. I’m still going to have to push very hard, though – I expect that the majority of my free time will be spent on something big-mountain-related for the next few weeks.

Signed Base Sweetness!

I went and saw the Cubs-Tigers game, today. To all you ultra-hardcore Southsiders: yes, it is okay to like both teams, not a sign of mental defect, and I’m still a Sox fan! Anyway, the game was a disaster – every run scored for either side was on a home run. There were eleven of them. Unfortunately, they were not evenly distributed, so the final score was 12-3. On the upside, today’s fan promo was a giveaway of Ron Santo autographed MLB bases, and I got one. Score!

Meanwhile, my life over the past week or so has been dominated by college baseball (go Owls!) and the writing competition. Not enough of the latter, mind you, but I’m not inclined to cut back on the former…

Great. Now, I’m even getting spam from United States Senators.

I somehow (not by choice) got added to Saxby Chambliss’s mailing list, about two years ago. I unsubscribed. I was added, again, about a year ago, after I had moved out of the State of Georgia. I unsubscribed. Today, I got a “weekly update” newsletter from his office, with no unsubscribe link or instructions, in violation of federal law. I unsubscribed. Not twenty minutes later, they sent me another one. It’s nice to see we have such responsible workers on Capitol Hill, who take our laws so seriously.

Arrrgh… E-mail is the Bane of My Existence

E-mail stats through 13 days of June:*
Good: 1,217 (93.6/day)
Spam: 8,535 (656.5/day)
Total: 9,752 (750.2/day)

This is intolerable.

* Figures do not include e-mail received on my University of Chicago, Yahoo!, or GMail accounts. I don’t even want to know how bad things are when those are factored in.

How Bad Things Have Gotten

Just how bad has comment spam gotten? Check it out, below. Red is spams, green is good comments, and black is a 30-day moving average. As you can see, I am averaging about 163 comments per day (essentially all spam). You can click on the images to enlarge them.

[EDIT: The images in question were dynamically generated. Due to changes in this site’s architecture, they are no longer available as of August 17, 2008.]

No More 1L

I am no longer a 1L. Thank goodness.

I took my property exam, yesterday; I was a little terrified, at first, but think it’ll turn out just fine.

This last quarter was insane. The first two quarters started kind of leisurely, each featured a sprint in the middle to get writing assignments done, then settled into a manageable but steady grind through finals. This last quarter started a little slow (UVA softball and admitted students weekend made it feel pretty relaxed), ramped into a sprint for the brief, and stayed at that level for another month and a half. I was talking to some of my classmates, last night, who all seemed to feel the same way about it. It was simply unbelievable.

As a result, I pulled dozens of late nights and a couple all-nighters, have probably 120 pounds of reading material piled on my table and more on my desk, have 868 unread e-mails in my inbox (most of them are newsletters and such, but still), have a pile of boxes in the hall that I haven’t had time to take out as trash, have a sink full of dishes, and feel completely out of touch with the world around me.

Fortunately, that’s all over, for I am no longer a 1L! Wow, that feels good.

Plans for this weekend: poker with my buddies, probably dinner and a trip north with the same, lots of college baseball, lots of catching up on the world, and lots of sleep. All else can wait until I am sane again.

P.S. For those who missed this, I will be working as a research assistant for Professor Todd Henderson, this summer, which means I will be in Chicago. If you’re around, look me up! If you have already tried to look me up (by, say, calling or sending me an e-mail) and haven’t heard back, please try again. Sorry!

Word of the Day: Unbelievable

That’s what I keep muttering under my breath, as I walk around in a post-criminal-law stupor. It’s not that I think I did badly (I think I did just fine, though I also don’t think that what I think is connected to what grade I will get), but that it was an absurd test and the general consensus is that it was a complete crapshoot. At least it’s over.

If I can snap out of the stupor, I think I’ll try to prepare for property, now…

American Legal Theory Paper Now Online

I have posted my American Legal Theory paper, The Case of Experience v. Efficiency: An Examination of the Influence of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., on Judge Richard Posner, to my writings page. Enjoy! Commentary is, of course, invited and welcome (why else would I put this stuff on the web?).