Mt. Rainier

A little while back, a friend (who also happens to be my dentist) invited me to join him on a Mt. Rainier climb, next month. I jumped at the opportunity, but the company that organizes these trips told me the trip in question was booked full.

Well, yesterday, I got off the waitlist. I’m going! Fortunately, I have been making a solid effort, lately, to get back into better shape. In fact, I missed the phone call, because I was at the gym. The first year of law school had me in the worst shape of my life, for a little while. Fortunately, I also have a very high metabolism and am – just barely – on track to be in the shape I want to be in when I leave. I’m still going to have to push very hard, though – I expect that the majority of my free time will be spent on something big-mountain-related for the next few weeks.





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