No More 1L

I am no longer a 1L. Thank goodness.

I took my property exam, yesterday; I was a little terrified, at first, but think it’ll turn out just fine.

This last quarter was insane. The first two quarters started kind of leisurely, each featured a sprint in the middle to get writing assignments done, then settled into a manageable but steady grind through finals. This last quarter started a little slow (UVA softball and admitted students weekend made it feel pretty relaxed), ramped into a sprint for the brief, and stayed at that level for another month and a half. I was talking to some of my classmates, last night, who all seemed to feel the same way about it. It was simply unbelievable.

As a result, I pulled dozens of late nights and a couple all-nighters, have probably 120 pounds of reading material piled on my table and more on my desk, have 868 unread e-mails in my inbox (most of them are newsletters and such, but still), have a pile of boxes in the hall that I haven’t had time to take out as trash, have a sink full of dishes, and feel completely out of touch with the world around me.

Fortunately, that’s all over, for I am no longer a 1L! Wow, that feels good.

Plans for this weekend: poker with my buddies, probably dinner and a trip north with the same, lots of college baseball, lots of catching up on the world, and lots of sleep. All else can wait until I am sane again.

P.S. For those who missed this, I will be working as a research assistant for Professor Todd Henderson, this summer, which means I will be in Chicago. If you’re around, look me up! If you have already tried to look me up (by, say, calling or sending me an e-mail) and haven’t heard back, please try again. Sorry!





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