It’s Called “Caesar!”

Location: Hyde Park McDonald’s franchise, Chicago, IL, USA
Date: Friday, April 27, 2007
Time: 8:15 PM

McDonald’s Employee: [mumbled] We don’t have southwestern dressing.
Amy: Okay. [confers with Sarah] We’d like ranch.
McDonald’s Employee: [looks confused, looks in refrigerator] We’re out of ranch.
Amy: You don’t have ranch? What other dressings do you have?
McDonald’s Employee: [long pause] I don’t know. French? Italian?
Amy: Do you have anything other than French or Italian?
McDonald’s Employee: [long pause, stares into space] Chuuuhhhh grragurrr crumin?





One response to “It’s Called “Caesar!””

  1. Ed Avatar

    P.S. Suggestions, so far, for the meaning of the last statement include Caesar and croutons (though, clearly, the latter are not a type of dressing)…

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