Another Interesting Global Warming Report

An interesting (and short) paper was just released explaining how the IPCC 2007 report is based on flawed (i.e., outdated) data. It’s by a mathematician and engineer, but he’s dealing mostly with mathematical data, for those of you who are skeptical based on his background. Check it out here: Carbon Emissions Don’t Cause Global Warming (PDF)

Corporations, Admiralty, and dealmaking

I have posted my info from Professor Henderson’s Corporations online – contact me for the address.

If you have an Admiralty outline (preferably for Schmidt, though anyone will do), please let me know!

Spell Check Not Working in Word 2007

I recently installed Office 2007 on my new computer. Dubious judgment call, maybe, as it is bug-ridden as any other Microsoft product, but it was $25 at the campus store. Anyway, I rapidly found that spellcheck and, sometimes, grammar check didn’t work, at all. The below example, of a new document being checked for the first time, says it all:

Apparently, Microsoft didn’t bother to thoroughly check the most basic feature of a modern word processor. I found a fix, at least. Microsoft is still evil and incompetent, but at least they haven’t completely ruined my productivity…

Ziff Davis Spam Part II

They’re still at it. Ziff Davis = spamhaus. Today’s take:

Notice the absence of any explanation as to why I am getting this e-mail or how to unsubscribe. I have tried to unsubscribe at least thirty or so times. So, apparently, have lots of other folks getting Ziff Davis spam. It’s a lost cause. Ziff Davis = spammers.

Bad Drivers of the World, Pileup… er, Unite!

Apparently, we have at least 36 million truly, objectively incompetent drivers. I have been saying this for ages. In fact, I think that number is low by at least another 50 million or so.

Even less surprising: drivers in Illinois and Georgia are among the least knowledgeable. Finally, objective vindication of my entire life’s experience as a driver! Of course, they could have just hopped on Lake Shore Drive or 285 and saved the expense of the study, if they wanted to know that…