Spell Check Not Working in Word 2007

I recently installed Office 2007 on my new computer. Dubious judgment call, maybe, as it is bug-ridden as any other Microsoft product, but it was $25 at the campus store. Anyway, I rapidly found that spellcheck and, sometimes, grammar check didn’t work, at all. The below example, of a new document being checked for the first time, says it all:

Apparently, Microsoft didn’t bother to thoroughly check the most basic feature of a modern word processor. I found a fix, at least. Microsoft is still evil and incompetent, but at least they haven’t completely ruined my productivity…





2 responses to “Spell Check Not Working in Word 2007”

  1. Sam Avatar

    My spell check doesn’t work in word 2007. I re-installed office and we have the same problem. Do you have a fix for this problem? Please email me back at [e-mail redacted].

  2. Ed Avatar

    Other than the link above, the only thing I know to do is check to be sure spell-check is actually enabled. Try these links, as well: Fix My Computer » FIX: Microsoft Office Word 2007, 2007 Spell Check Not Working, Google search for more help.

    Good luck!

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