Burkeanism Blogfest

There has been a huge amount of blogging on Burkean conservatism, especially as it relates to John McCain, over the last couple of weeks. I have relatively little to add to the mix, except to say that it’s important to distinguish between Burkean conservatism and other forms of politics called conservative. Burkeans favor change, but only at a measured, considered, and deliberate pace; Burkeans may either favor or oppose war, under different circumstances; and Burkeans are generally opposed to both large government and growing government, because of the lack of restraint that inevitably follows bureaucratic expansions.

In any case, here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting stuff.
Jonathan Rauch for The Atlantic: Mr. Conservative [asking and answering the question whether McCain is a Burkean conservative, in the affirmative]
Orin Kerr: Is John McCain a Burkean Conservative?
Ilya Somin: Is John McCain a Burkean Conservative?
Dale Carpenter: McCain and Burkeanism:
Ilya Somin: Pitfalls of Burkean Conservatism
Orin Kerr: A Defense of Burkean Conservatism
Ilya Somin: Debating Burkean Conservatism
Dale Carpenter: Defending Burkeanism
Ilya Somin: Dale Carpenter’s Version of Burkean Conservatism
Dale Carpenter: Is Everyone Burkean Now?
Ilya Somin: A Few Final Thoughts on Burkean Conservatism
Mark: Burkeanism and McCain [ed.: link updated to an archived link because the original was broken]





2 responses to “Burkeanism Blogfest”

  1. Roach Avatar

    Recent Russian immigrants over at Volokh should probably slow down on telling Burkean conservatives what America is all about.

    In any case, Burkeanism is not Fabian gradualism towards certain uncompromising and ideologically derived goals, such as equality or sexual license.

  2. Ed Avatar

    I’m inclined to say it’s a pretty interesting discussion, despite my disagreement with some of the conclusions. Burke, of course, gets used for all sorts of arguments, many of which I’m sure he would not have considered reasonable. For example, I agree with what I think you’re saying, that a Burkean approach cannot result in endorsing gay marriages on gradualist grounds (Carpenter argues that it can). Still, I think it’s interesting to see what the avowedly conservative minds over at Volokh and elsewhere have to say about such things, especially because of the disagreements.

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