Day: August 15, 2008

  • Journalism =/= Mathematics

    As a math major, law school grad, and economic policy wonk, I’m not sure which aspect of this stupidity by the New York Times horrifies me most. Is it: that people think we do tax at those rates, that some people think we should, that no editor caught the logical flaws before publication, or that […]

  • The Greatest Threat Facing Our Country

    The single greatest threat facing the United States is probably not what you think. In the Cold War, the greatest threat was that of an all-out nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Most people today would probably say the risk is a terrorist attack involving WMDs. In our worst nightmares, we tend to picture a […]

  • Brain Fail

    Source: Serious Eats

  • New Car

    Sarah and I spent the last three days looking for and buying her a car (we only had the MINI, and she clearly needed something either now or soon after we start work). She was amazing: she had already done a simply incredible amount of market research to figure out which vehicles offered the features […]