Month: December 2008

  • Crazy Christmas

    We just got back from spending Christmas with my family. It was a good Christmas, but a crazy one, featuring: Eight members of my family, two of whom are named Nick Five friends making an appearance Five dogs One wedding proposal Yes, you read that last one right; my little sister got engaged. Hilariously, it […]

  • 88 More Reasons…

    I am glad to live in Texas, and glad I do not live in New York.

  • Slope of Hope – We’re on it

    My favorite new (but not new favorite) blog is Evil Speculator (tagline, “bent on market domination, one nefarious trade at a time”). It posted a fantastic and disturbing chart from Gold-Eagle. The chart is one of the best demonstrations I’ve seen of a concept called the “slope of hope.” The idea is that (in significant […]

  • Another Great Review of The Shack

    Scott Lindsey has a great review of The Shack. For my earlier review, see here or this collection of information on The Shack. EDIT: Don’t miss the scathing review of The Shack from James DeYoung, a good friend of the author (William P. “Paul” Young). Also check out Chuck Colson’s review, Al Mohler’s radio broadcast […]

  • Good-bye, asterisk

    I finally have a bar number! I don’t have a printed law license, yet – it is apparently on its way. I do, however, have a bar number, a licensed date, and the glorious “Eligible To Practice In Texas” status on the website of the State Bar of Texas. No more “attorney-to-be” and “not yet […]