When it rains…

Blogging hiatus: over. The last week or so was insane. We got slammed at work all week, went to look at houses – we’re a ways out, but you gotta start early – Saturday, then went to a housewarming party Saturday night. Sunday slowed me down – way down. I got some sort of stomach bug which kept me home from work yesterday, which is unfortunate, because I really needed to bill 16+ hours over Sunday and Monday to dig out from last week.

Today: made it to the office, spent all day working much harder than I felt capable of doing, given how tired and weak I felt, came home… and discovered someone had had loaded my trash can to the brim with unsacked trash. Yes, again. In fact, on those Mondays – in this case, Tuesday, due to the aforementioned stomach bug – when we don’t rescue our trash can after pickup but before work, there is always trash in our can. Some people are just… jerks.

So, I went inside to call the city and plead for another pickup, then relax for a few minutes before going over this memo that occupied my entire last week… and my glasses broke. I was putting them on my nose and they just snapped, with a nice little “bang.” So… first thing in the morning is not work, but a trip to an optometrist. For those who don’t know, I am can’t-read-a-stop-sign-at-five-feet blind without corrective lenses. Literally – I’ve had that happen. I failed a driver’s vision test once for failure to locate the test machine once I had my glasses off. My eyes are that bad.

When it rains, it pours, folks. You can’t work a gazillion hours, or take care of personal affairs, or even get sick or take out the trash, without something else coming up. I am counting my blessings, really – it could be much worse right now, I know. But, I’m still annoyed, and that’s part of why I have a blog.

Thanks for listening, and may your stomach stay healthy, your trash emptied, and your glasses intact.





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