Quicken Premier 2009

We upgraded last night to Quicken Premier 2009, which partially resolves the Quicken 2007 issues surrounding budgets, which I mentioned in my last post, through the Savings Plan feature. Unfortunately, this feature has its own limitations – you have to define a plan each month, cannot define plans for past months, can only define a plan for one future month, and cannot easily get the granularity a true budget offers. It does fix the problems involved in splitting principal and interest, which is helpful, and it does offer budget rollovers, which is also helpful, but it still has quite a few limitations for a single feature. So, I may be resorting to Excel or PHP/MySQL (probably the latter, since I’m a true nerd) to get all of the budget and planning functionality I want, after all.

Does anyone with Quicken 2009 experience out there know of something I’m missing? Is there a better way to drill down on specific categories, while resolving the loans issues?






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