Stack Overflow Moderator Elections, Part III

As I posted here and again here, I stood for election as a moderator on Stack Overflow this year. While I was not elected, I made it much further than I expected and finished in sixth place out of 32 nominees, 30 primary candidates, and 10 general-election candidates.

Stack Overflow is an amazing site, and the moderators have a tremendous responsibility. The candidates elected are all excellent choices who I know are already making the site even better. That said, I greatly appreciate the thousands of people who cast a vote for me, and I am deeply humbled that so many people thought of me as a good choice for the role. Thank you.

3 Replies to “Stack Overflow Moderator Elections, Part III”

  1. Congratulations on getting so far. I could probably count the number of work days I haven’t used a StackExchange site on a shop class teacher’s hand. Good job.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, even on days I’m not programming or even doing anything particularly geeky, I probably hit a StackExchange site at least 5 times looking for something, not counting time spent moderating the ebooks site. On my heavy programming days, I’ll have a dozen tabs open on StackOverflow alone.

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