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A number of people have asked me lately what I’m reading on economics and the financial markets right now.  Truth is, I’m always reading such things, and no short list can even come close to covering the variety of material I try to read, from the scholarly and serious (e.g., Posner, Becker, Mankiw, etc.) to the popular and light.  That said, I thought my other readers might appreciate a list of some of what I’ve been looking at on the internet in the last few weeks, at least.  Without commentary, opinion, analysis, or even a particular ordering (in fact, the first list was intentionally randomized), here it is.  I express no public opinion on the accuracy, validity, merit, or usefulness of anything below; these are just links I have found interesting – in some cases because I think the contents to which I’m linking are totally wrong or even bordering on insane… but I think I’ll decline to say which ones.  Read the material for yourself, if you’re interested – it’s more likely to be useful, that way, anyway.

Sites or people with lots of information in general, some good, some bad, some possibly crazy:

Some interesting specific links:

Are Stocks Really A Bargain?

Elliott Wave International asks, “Are stocks really a bargain?” If you believe your eyes, the answer is pretty clear.

P.S. In case you were wondering what the current DJIA dividend yield is (click the link above to see why this is relevant), you can see that here.

How to Design and Backtest a Trading System

I have been working for some time on various systems for trading stocks, and thought I would share some of my observations and the lessons I have learned.

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Bellsouth, DTS, etc.

Well, today was long and frustrating… I have spent at least 20 hours of Campus Crusade’s time over the last week trying to get in touch with a system administrator for Bellsouth’s mail servers, but without any luck. Between customer service reps who don’t care, those who blatantly refuse to help me, and the vast majority, who simply don’t know how to transfer a call (or to whom to transfer it), I have made zero progress. I’m determined that Bellsouth will hear my thoughts on this one. I’m starting here – don’t use Bellsouth for Internet service. They do a terrible job. Go somewhere else.

Meanwhile, I’m trying (and praying) to find a way to get to Dallas this fall. It’s all in God’s timing, but I sure would like to get on with my calling… I’m contemplating doing some support raising to cover the amount I can’t earn during the year. If anyone is reading this, I sure could use some encouragement and godly advice on that front…

That’s all I know. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


I’m learning to program in Java. Decided I ought to, because my current pet project will eventually require a swift port to a clustered Linux environment, if I can really make it work. That, and it would make app maintenance easier for the apps I’m writing at Crusade.

Other than that, not much is new. I’m a geek (apparently), and an underpaid one. Situation normal.

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