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  • Keeping Time

    Keeping Time

    When I was a child, I had the blessing of living a short drive away from one set of grandparents. This meant that I got to see them regularly, many times most months, which was wonderful. One of the highlights when I would visit them was my grandfather’s grandfather clock. I loved to listen to […]

  • Resurrecting the Blog

    A tremendous amount has happened over the past year, and I have not kept up on here. I’m going to try to provide a quick recap, as well as a vision for the future of this site. First, the biggest news of the last year, which I haven’t mentioned previously on here: my wife and […]

  • Moving, the Bar, and Other Craziness

    I haven’t been posting very often, since we just took finals, are trying to get ready to move, are studying for the bar, had to sublet our apartment, and have to graduate, still. Finals: done! They went well enough – each of us ended up reasonably happy with the quarter, especially since the only thing […]

  • Insanity Reigneth

    It has been a while since I have written much of anything (useful) on here. Life has been pretty crazy. In the last few weeks: I have written an appellate brief, which I am pretty sure I screwed up in several ways, due to non-law-school stress and sleep deprivation. My sister has spent a week […]

  • This Weekend

    I spent the weekend (Friday through this morning) visiting my sister and brother-in-law. The weekend was lots of fun. I caught up with my good friends Brooke and Sarah (whom I’ve known probably longer than anyone else my age) and finally met some of my sister’s friends I knew only in name. The most interesting […]