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  • You Need a . . . Discount! (on You Need A Budget)

    I have blogged before about the awesome personal budgeting software You Need A Budget!, a/k/a YNAB.  It is now in version 4 and better than ever, with cloud syncing among all your devices (computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet, etc.).  We use it for all of our budgeting, and we absolutely love it. Anyway, if you […]

  • You Need a Budget! (Review)

    Thanks to a post by Tim Challies, Sarah and I decided to download and try a trial of a software product called You Need a Budget, or YNAB. We are now in love with this product. The premise of YNAB is simple: (1) everyone needs to budget, and (2) no other software products out there […]

  • Mint

    A few days ago I lamented (here and here) the difficulty of doing certain at-a-glance budgeting in Quicken.  I think I have found many of the features I was missing through the excellent free service Mint.com. The main thing I have been missing is at-a-glance budgeting.  That is, I’d really like to be able to […]

  • Quicken Premier 2009

    We upgraded last night to Quicken Premier 2009, which partially resolves the Quicken 2007 issues surrounding budgets, which I mentioned in my last post, through the Savings Plan feature. Unfortunately, this feature has its own limitations – you have to define a plan each month, cannot define plans for past months, can only define a […]

  • Quicken Budgets & Loan Accounts

    Does anyone know how to get Quicken to budget properly for a loan account? That is, if you actually set up an amortized loan, how do you get Quicken to budget for the interest and principal as a single payment? I’m using Quicken Premier 2007, and it seems like there is no way to track […]