Tag: Junk Science

  • Another Interesting Global Warming Report

    An interesting (and short) paper was just released explaining how the IPCC 2007 report is based on flawed (i.e., outdated) data. It’s by a mathematician and engineer, but he’s dealing mostly with mathematical data, for those of you who are skeptical based on his background. Check it out here: Carbon Emissions Don’t Cause Global Warming…

  • Everything You Never Heard About DDT

    DDT info on JunkScience.com. See also the Malaria Clock.

  • Junk Science – Global Warming Blues

    Junk Science – Global Warming Blues on FoxNews.com. For more good and honest evaluation of the evidence for and against various possible climate changes – warmer, colder, whatever – check out JunkScience.com. You might also find Michael Crichton’s State of Fear interesting.