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  • Hurricane Florence PSA for My Friends and Family

    EDIT 9/14/2018: Even though the storm’s winds weakened, the water – surge and rainfall – was always the primary threat. It still still is a very serious threat and will be for several days after landfall. Please continue to take this storm very seriously. NC & SC FOLKS: Please read and share this! It’s not…

  • Your Smartphone or Your Life

    Everyone: please be safe on the road. Whatever you need to read or look at on a phone can wait. It’s not worth dying for.   A few things I’ve seen in the last 24 hours:   A young man riding a bike and reading a piece of paper, with no hands on the handlebars.…

  • Free Website Security Certificates (a/k/a Free SSL Certificates)

    If you have a website, you almost certainly need to secure it. Even for a simple WordPress blog like this one, security is a real problem; sites get hacked all the time, and even a site like this one can draw hundreds or thousands of hack attempts per day. Sometimes, it’s because hackers discover a…

  • Ridiculous Mountaintop Plane Landing

    I’m posting this just because it’s amazing.  Land it like a boss. h/t That Reminds Me: Didja Hear About The Mountain-Climbing Economists? | The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys.

  • Loneliest Human

    The xkcd “What if?” blog has a great analysis of the people most eligible for the title of Loneliest Human.  Not that I ever thought I had even come close, but it makes my whole “6 miles from the nearest light bulb” (at Philmont Scout Ranch) thing seem way less impressive.