Epic Mail Merge Fail

I received a mass-mailed (via U.S. Mail) invitation to purchase window blinds – lots of them – today. The recipient on the label was:

Cottrell Edward Michael Etal Cottrell
Edward Michael Etal


Editing Fail

Forget bloggers and the economy; this is why newspapers are going under left and right. Go on; try to count the grammatical errors.  (Try not to be distracted by the incredibly scuzzy Uncle Sam figure or the strange logical errors.)

If the reader has to have a good understanding of a topic to comprehend a news outlet’s garbled reporting, the outlet isn’t reporting – it’s just selling advertising and tangible proof of the failure of our educational institutions.

Edit: This image originally appeared on the NY Post website at http://www.nypost.com/seven/04192009/photos/web_tax.jpg, but is no longer available at that link as of July 2014, per the comments below.

Susan Boyle – I’m Impressed

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and check out the Susan Boyle Britain’s Got Talent performance on YouTube. I was not expecting much, based on my impression of most TV-talent show successes… wow. That is a challenging song, and to sound that good in a YouTube clip… I’m impressed.

Life Lesson #53,987

If you buy a $79 2-cycle, no-name weed eater, one fine Saturday it will half-explode on you, sending you to Home Depot to buy the $200, 4-cycle, no-mix, brand-name model. Buy the latter first – there’s a lower likelihood of shrapnel that way.


Just learned my alma mater has introduced a number of academic minors. Frankly, I think we had a good thing going with the majors-only system, and I’m sad to see this change, even though it will probably make us more competitive on a national scale.

Taking a Break

I am taking a break. I love blogging, but I’m frankly a little too crushed to do much of it right now. Between current events and my own take on where things are going in various arenas, I’m just not feeling like doing much blogging.

I am happy to discuss just about any current topic anyone likes; just post a comment, shoot me an email, IM, or text, or, you know, pick up the phone.

I’ll be back in no time, I’m sure. Just need to catch my breath for a few days.

Brilliant a Cappella Geekery

For all the Lucas/Spielberg/Williams fans out there (and probably most of the critics, as well), I present the best use of YouTube I have seen in a while.

(h/t American Elephants)

Quote of the Day

“It was during the first period of this constitution that the Athenians appear to have enjoyed the best government that they ever did, at least in my time. For the fusion of the high and low was effected with judgment, and this was what first enabled the state to raise up her head after her manifold disasters.”

-Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War (hat tip: Steve Schwartz)