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  • Free Website Security Certificates (a/k/a Free SSL Certificates)

    If you have a website, you almost certainly need to secure it. Even for a simple WordPress blog like this one, security is a real problem; sites get hacked all the time, and even a site like this one can draw hundreds or thousands of hack attempts per day. Sometimes, it’s because hackers discover a […]

  • Fix Quicken 2014 Copy and Paste with AutoHotKey

    For no apparent reason, Intuit broke the copy and paste functions in Quicken 2014, such that you can no longer copy text from a transaction or paste into a transaction field. If you use AutoHotKey, there’s an easy fix. Just add the following to a .ahk script: #IfWinActive Quicken ; Quicken 2014 no longer allows […]

  • Handy Software – WinDirStat

    This is a PSA for those who have way too much junk on their hard drives. Background For several months, McAfee has been taking ever longer to run virus scans on my hard drive, getting to the point that it sometimes took a couple of days. When I investigated, it reported that it was scanning […]

  • Six Hundred

    I just realized that my most recent post (GTD: Your 6 Most Important Things) was my six hundredth post on here. This site has come a long way since I started working on it in vi and Netscape on a Unix workstation. It has been edited in — and arguably abused by — vi, Netscape […]

  • WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment Killer)

    IMPORTANT: The plugin described below has not been updated or tested in many years. Use at your own risk. In my ongoing battle against comment spam, I have finally decided to write myself a WordPress plugin as an additional layer of defense. It’s called WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment Killer). WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment […]