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  • Spam of the Day

    Subject: “Aliens Abducted By Michael Jackson” Sometimes, I admit, spammers actually amuse me. (In case you’re wondering, though, the body of the message was incoherent gibberish.)

  • Russia Rising (in My Inbox)

    The number of Russian-language spams (or at least Cyrillic font) I get has risen dramatically, lately. For a while, I got a lot of Chinese and Korean spams, but now, the Russian stuff reigns supreme, at a bit over 5% of the total. I’m not sure what this signifies. On the one hand, obviously, a…

  • WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment Killer)

    IMPORTANT: The plugin described below has not been updated or tested in many years. Use at your own risk. In my ongoing battle against comment spam, I have finally decided to write myself a WordPress plugin as an additional layer of defense. It’s called WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment Killer). WRECK (WordPress Regular Expression Comment…

  • In Which I Bemoan Comment Spam Again

    What in the world is going on with my blog’s comment spam in the last few days?

  • Favorite Spam of the Day

    I love this person, because he or she is incompetent in the most amusing way. One would hope that such blazing incompetence renders such people inept in their efforts to harm others, though for every con there is probably a gullible enough mark out there… Subject: 2007 Fiscal Activity – $2839,49 Refund From: “[email protected]”<service @irs.gov>…