Tag: Spam

  • I Hate Spam

    I hate spam. Which is unfortunate, because I get enormous quantities of it. The true horror in graphic form: I get about 940 emails per day, excluding the 30 or so on my school account and about 10 per day on Gmail and Yahoo! I am working on implementing some server-side filtering, because my poor…

  • I Kill Spammers: Crazyremedy (VPXL) Spammers Want To Kill You

    This guy is awesome, even if he has too much time on his hands. I Kill Spammers: Crazyremedy (VPXL) Spammers Want To Kill You.

  • Ziff Davis Spam Part III: The Solution?

    As I reported here, here, and here, Ziff Davis spams people. Fortunately, I found this page. It looks like it was the solution! Read more below the jump.

  • More Ziff Davis Spam

    Ziff Davis is at it, still. I got a few more of their ridiculous spams, without even an unsubscribe link, today. They are despicable.

  • Ziff Davis Spam Part II

    They’re still at it. Ziff Davis = spamhaus. Today’s take: Notice the absence of any explanation as to why I am getting this e-mail or how to unsubscribe. I have tried to unsubscribe at least thirty or so times. So, apparently, have lots of other folks getting Ziff Davis spam. It’s a lost cause. Ziff…