Crazy Busy

Sarah and I were laughing just yesterday at how recently, as very new associates, we were waiting to get staffed on enough cases to stay busy. We both have all we can handle, now, and it’s not busy work. Some of it is less than glamorous, but it’s all real legal work that has to get done and is useful to our clients. I, for example, have reviewed more than 30,000 documents from a single source for just one case; I have 41,000 to go. It’s tedious, yet it’s great; I have a good command over what is in those documents, which knowledge will be increasingly helpful to the case team as things progress. On the other hand, I am helping research key strategic elements of a case in its infancy. Fascinating stuff. Sarah has similarly huge and interesting workloads, and is thriving. But, wow, is this week busy.

I have a handful of mini-posts I hope to make later; work permitting, I will. Now to get some sleep…

Good-bye, asterisk

I finally have a bar number! I don’t have a printed law license, yet – it is apparently on its way. I do, however, have a bar number, a licensed date, and the glorious “Eligible To Practice In Texas” status on the website of the State Bar of Texas.

No more “attorney-to-be” and “not yet licensed in any state” stuff. Finally.

Hello World.

A few of the search terms people have used to find this site in the last 24 hours which have suddenly spiked in popularity:

  • ed cottrell
  • cottrell
  • baker botts
  • edblog
  • “ed cottrell” blog

I assume some of those folks are my new co-workers. Hello! Don’t worry, all; it’s pretty harmless on here.

Some of the more specific searches from the last couple of days, from the relevant to the weird (all spelling errors original):

  • enloe high school prank
  • the shack book review [Ed. note: there are about 50 related searches…]
  • the pros of conservatism
  • zo’é (o anche poturu
  • i hate coldfusion
  • newcar tax consequences
  • business ethics in perlis
  • should online poker be legalized?
  • funny quotes by category “about home”
  • is houston under evacuation order? [Ed. note: there were a lot of searches similar to this one, too…]
  • country with most mnuclear threat
  • eleanor roosevelt look fear in the face
  • july texas 2008 bar exam blog
  • texas mandatory evacuation law
  • the higher power of the shack

I can explain most of those. Not sure why I suddenly became a popular site for hurricane evacuation information or “most mnuclear threat,” though…

Moving, the Bar, and Other Craziness

I haven’t been posting very often, since we just took finals, are trying to get ready to move, are studying for the bar, had to sublet our apartment, and have to graduate, still.

Finals: done! They went well enough – each of us ended up reasonably happy with the quarter, especially since the only thing on the line at this point was doing well enough to graduate (i.e., not failing anything, which is not a particularly high bar).

Moving: a huge pain. Shocking, I know. It will be happening, though, in less than two weeks. At that point, we become Texans indefinitely. We’re looking forward to being moved, not so much to moving

Bar prep: a huger pain. After one week, we have covered the introductory material, constitutional law, and contracts. We have a couple hundred flashcards, have already answered around two hundred test questions each, and have nineteen subjects left to cover, not to mention several practice tests (and probably another couple thousand individual questions) to take. So. Much. Fun.

Graduation: parents arrive in less than a week and things get crazy for a few days with all the events.

Life is busy. Feel free to drop me a line, especially if it’s because you’re in Chicago or Houston and want to catch up before or after the move.

Windows XP Pro SP2 Hibernation Problems – Fixed?

I have mentioned before (here and here the problem of “too much” memory causing crashes and failed hibernation/standby attempts in Windows XP laptops. Microsoft has made a hotfix available, but it’s still in testing (until 2007, from the looks of it), so you have to call and ask for it (which is free). It seems like everything is working okay, so far, but I have only done one standby cycle to test it, as of yet.

Summer Job

I am happy to say that I have accepted a summer job as a research assistant with Professor Todd Henderson. It should be great.

Topsail Consulting Web Design Blog Launches

Topsail Consulting (one of my two businesses) has launched a Web Design Blog – check back often for information on website design, search engine optimization, and more.

Hand Safety Blog is Online!

The new Hand Safety Blog is online! This site is an offering of Safe At Hand, LLC, the premier distributors of the Glove Guard™ brand of glove clips, glove holders, and bags that can be clipped onto belts.

Check it out!

LSAT, SAT, and GRE Tutoring

I no longer offer any test preparation services. I am not able at this time to make referrals to any other private tutors. Please do not write me to ask for test prep – this is all I will be able to tell you.

Sometimes, life really is good.

In spite of all the bad days, crazy politics, and other hassles of life, sometimes you just have a really good day. Today was one of those days. My parents have a contract on their house, after having it on the market for less than two weeks. My second business, Safe At Hand, which sells glove clips and bags with belt clips, just got its biggest sale ever, so big that it alone made this a record month.

Yeah, today was a good day.