What the…?

I get lots of random feedback from this site; some people want advice, others want computer help, some want to pick a fight over religion or politics, and some… well, I don’t know what some people want.

Some guy used my contact form to send me five different credit card numbers, this morning, with expiration dates, issuing bank, and security codes. I think at least some of them were actually legitimate. I don’t get it.





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  1. Ed Avatar

    Follow up from the guy who sent me this (all spelling and grammar errors original):

    need this message to go thru and to the right finance and resource people. Trying to get a bill paid up for and individual that is in alot of trouble more than what they think there in. Everyday when I get up I see the reality of where we as a people and what condition and state were actually in. I classify it as one thing. The spirit of God and spirit of the antichrist which we all know that the spirit of the antichrist is nothing but dome doom and destruction. Hey God Bless if you can help if not Jesus will open up another door for me to get this mission accomplish

    I don’t know if this person is mentally ill or part of some sort of credit fraud sting. It could be a 419 scam, for all I know. Weird.

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