Windows XP Pro SP2 Hibernation & Standby Problems

My Dell laptop has 1.5 GB of RAM and about 45 GB free hard drive space, yet it can’t hibernate. It tries, resets the screen to some hideously low resolution, then fails, with the message “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.” Translation, you have too much memory installed. It also refuses to enter standby mode, about 1/3 of the time – it will standby properly, then wake itself up, say, 15 minutes later, and proceed to try and cook itself in its case. Yesterday, it nearly succeeded.

Microsoft claims the problem is rare, anyway, only occurs under extreme conditions, was fixed in SP1, and was made even less likely by SP2. This is B.S., pure and simple, as it seems that everyone with more than 1GB of RAM experiences this, regularly, even with relatively few programs running.

So, before I damage my laptop or bite the bullet and remove 1/3 of the RAM I’ve paid for, does anybody out there know a way around this? I must be able to either standby or hibernate, several times each day, and switching this system to Linux is probably not yet a realistic option, thanks.






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