That was my away message for most of this week. I just turned in my first law school paper, for American Legal Theory. Final tallies:

  • 25 pages
  • 97 footnotes
  • 6,193 words text
  • 3,386 words footnotes
  • 80 hours working time (roughly)
  • 10 pots of coffee (very roughly)
  • 3 Red Bulls
  • 1 all-nighter
  • 1 year off my life expectancy (minimum)

At least it’s done. I’ll post it to my writings page, sometime this summer (I think I should wait until my peers turn theirs in).





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  1. Ed Avatar

    As I mentioned here, I have posted my American Legal Theory paper, The Case of Experience v. Efficiency: An Examination of the Influence of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., on Judge Richard Posner, to my writings page. Enjoy! Commentary is, of course, invited and welcome (why else would I put this stuff on the web?).

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