More Office 2007 Stupidity – Not Showing New Emails!

Outlook 2007 has started doing something maddening and stupid in the last couple of weeks. When I am looking at my Inbox and receive new mail, the item count at the bottom of the window and the unread message count in parentheses in the mail folders list update, but the mail isn’t listed in the Inbox! That is, Outlook counts the new message, but doesn’t show it.

Microsoft knows about this problem. As is their wont to do, they claim SP1 fixed it – even though it did not.

Does anyone know how to fix this? It looks like it could be an internal (to Outlook) timeout caused by my anti-virus program, the client-side spam filter I currently use, or maybe even the large number of Outlook rules I run on my incoming mail. If anyone has ideas, please let me know!





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  1. Ed Avatar

    I finally found the solution to this problem. I had over 100 rules set up in Outlook to help me process and sort my email flow*, most of them disabled. I went throught and deleted all but about 15-20 rules, and now Outlook is working properly. It looks like it was an internal timeout. Go figure.

    * I get about 940 emails per day, excluding the 30 or so on my school account and about 10 per day on Gmail and Yahoo! This will also be the subject of an upcoming post or posts.

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