Crazy Busy

Sarah and I were laughing just yesterday at how recently, as very new associates, we were waiting to get staffed on enough cases to stay busy. We both have all we can handle, now, and it’s not busy work. Some of it is less than glamorous, but it’s all real legal work that has to get done and is useful to our clients. I, for example, have reviewed more than 30,000 documents from a single source for just one case; I have 41,000 to go. It’s tedious, yet it’s great; I have a good command over what is in those documents, which knowledge will be increasingly helpful to the case team as things progress. On the other hand, I am helping research key strategic elements of a case in its infancy. Fascinating stuff. Sarah has similarly huge and interesting workloads, and is thriving. But, wow, is this week busy.

I have a handful of mini-posts I hope to make later; work permitting, I will. Now to get some sleep…






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