Life, the Universe, and Everything

So, I’ve been watching “Avoiding Armageddon,” which is poorly named and sponsored by Ted Turner (read, “biased beyond belief”), but interesting, nonetheless. Basically, it tells me things aren’t as bad as I think – they’re worse… I’m also perusing the MySQL manual and contemplating about a dozen projects of various sorts. Life is far too complicated.

I need some business and about a dozen employees, so I can get some sleep…

Busy beyond belief

I’ve been so busy, I’ve had no time to update this, the past few days. I’ve got major web design projects going on, both at Crusade and at Topsail, and I’m just really looking to keep up.

Thought of the day: freedom is a beautiful thing.

Microsoft Database Drivers and the evils thereof…

I hate Microsoft. I’ve said that before, but I really mean it. WHY does every MS product throw error 80004005 for any and every reason? That’s worthless! Darn it.


I just did a search for EdBlog on Google. There are 175 pages other than mine listed. Darn. The name sounded too good to be unique, but I don’t really care: I’m Ed, this is Ed’s Blog – the EdBlog. So there.

Poisson d’Avril!

Yes, that’s right: “April Fish.” France doesn’t have an April Fool’s day; they have April Fish. People go around sticking paper fish on each other and trying not to get caught. Only in France…

I got some great jokes today, but I decided I really can’t post any of them… Oh, well.

I’m off to set up a custom newsletter system for my business, Topsail Consulting.

Funny stuff

Two stories that need to be shared with the world:

My parents were talking to some folks at a truck stop on their trip to Nashville this weekend and met a guy whose wife hit a deer with her car. Nothing unusual about that – except that she backed over it.

Secondly, apparently my sister once went vole hunting. Yes, “vole hunting.” I have no clue why – something to do with a girls’ science club back in middle school. I just think it’s hilarious to think of a bunch of middle schoolers rampaging through the yard of some NCSU professor, flipping over stones, trying to find voles.

Back in the USA! (Well, on the web, anyway…)

Well, after just about 2 years in absentia, my blog is back, with a new look and new name. Of course, nobody had even heard of a “blog” in 2001, when I built this system, so it was an “online journal,” or maybe a “weblog,” but whatever… The latest from my random brain follows…

A lot has changed, lately. One of my dear friends has left this world to be with the Lord, my first car died, I’m working 70+ hours a week, and I’m now an entrepreneur. That, of course, leaves out the time I spent in France and North Africa! My, how the time flies.

Anyway, I only ever took this blog off the web because of security concerns involved in my time overseas. I’m a bit less worried about that, now that I’m in Fayetteville, GA – freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Speaking of which, check out (formerly part of the Fox News site), which has been “Carping about the excesses of clueless crybabies since the turn of the century.”

Anyway, I should find food. Until next time!

Roommate Hijinks

I have to record this for prosperity… I decided to put new strings on my guitar (I considered it cruel and unusual to put bottom-shelf strings on a new top-shelf guitar). So, I did. I was tuning the guitar up with it plugged into a chromatic tuner on my bed when my roommate came home. From his perspective (he’s not musically inclined), he could only hear little plinking noises and see me standing and facing down and away. So, he came in and put his arm around my shoulder and said, “It’ll be okay, Ed,” or something like that. He thought I was seriously depressed or something – he was about to ask me what had happened to my dog. I cracked up…

Linguistics and such

Made a critical mistake last night: I tried to right an insignificant wrong in the world by politely correcting the New York Times’ usage of the word “linguist.” They wrote me a rather sharp reply and pointed out that, in fact, numerous dictionaries support false meanings as primary (“speaker of multiple languages,” which is really a “polyglot”). Meanwhile, Linguistics 200 homework has just consumed two more hours of my life – it didn’t teach me anything; it just provided some useless brain-teasers which are slightly subjective, not highly intellectually satisfying to crack, and more than a bit weakly linked to the material at hand, usually. Glad I’m not majoring in LING – this might be a tad late to switch tracks… (Somebody did that freshman year – two weeks before graduation, declared a change of majors from Biochemistry to Political Science, requiring an extra two years of school. WOW.). Anyway, I’m off to bed now. No more linguistic torture today…

Life is intense sometimes…

Wow. Every day I live, I marvel at how hard you can work to accomplish so little. Solomon (in Ecclesiastes, in the Bible) was dead on: all this is meaningless and chasing after the wind, unless rooted in (a) knowledge of God, (b) eternal purpose, and (c) things that DO matter here – family, friends, a lasting impact in the lives of others.

Lately, I’ve been working on support stuff – I know I’m making progress, and I have some great people helping me with referrals and such, but it is intense.

Meanwhile, I’m also reading “Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger (a.k.a. Dr. Laura, nationally syndicated talk show host). That woman has some really good sense. I’m also very tired… I’m gonna take a nap. I love being a senior. 🙂