Spell Check Not Working in Word 2007

I recently installed Office 2007 on my new computer. Dubious judgment call, maybe, as it is bug-ridden as any other Microsoft product, but it was $25 at the campus store. Anyway, I rapidly found that spellcheck and, sometimes, grammar check didn’t work, at all. The below example, of a new document being checked for the first time, says it all:

Apparently, Microsoft didn’t bother to thoroughly check the most basic feature of a modern word processor. I found a fix, at least. Microsoft is still evil and incompetent, but at least they haven’t completely ruined my productivity…

Ziff Davis Spam Part II

They’re still at it. Ziff Davis = spamhaus. Today’s take:

Notice the absence of any explanation as to why I am getting this e-mail or how to unsubscribe. I have tried to unsubscribe at least thirty or so times. So, apparently, have lots of other folks getting Ziff Davis spam. It’s a lost cause. Ziff Davis = spammers.

Bad Drivers of the World, Pileup… er, Unite!

Apparently, we have at least 36 million truly, objectively incompetent drivers. I have been saying this for ages. In fact, I think that number is low by at least another 50 million or so.

Even less surprising: drivers in Illinois and Georgia are among the least knowledgeable. Finally, objective vindication of my entire life’s experience as a driver! Of course, they could have just hopped on Lake Shore Drive or 285 and saved the expense of the study, if they wanted to know that…

Chicago Law = Top Law School in the United States?

According to one analysis of the 18,000-student survey conducted by the Princeton Review, the University of Chicago has the best law school in the country. All I know is it was the right choice for me in every respect and has given me access to my choice of great jobs. [Ed. note: I removed a link on 2/7/2018 because it was no longer valid.]

Ziff Davis: Spammers Extraordinaire

Ziff Davis is spamming me. A lot, in fact, to the tune of several messages per day.

I have, for several years, subscribed to various Ziff Davis e-mail newsletters, including the CIO Insight and eWeek publications. I have tried many times, now – approximately 20 – in the last three months to unsubscribe, however, since I am no longer working in information technology. My requests – made both through their unsubscribe forms and by e-mail – have been ignored.

Therefore, as I promised Ziff Davis repeatedly in a series of warnings, their failure to comply with the law and basic decency is being published. Ziff Davis spams people. Ziff Davis does not honor unsubscribe requests or reply to user e-mails. Instead, Ziff Davis sends enormous amounts of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE, or spam) to its former subscribers.

Do not subscribe to Ziff Davis publications unless you want them forever – you will never be able to unsubscribe!

Take action! Have you suffered the same problem? Help me publicize this! Post about your experience on your own blogs or forums. Spread the word!