The Zo’é People

I saw a show, last night, that reminded me why I would make a very poor cultural anthropologist. It was about the Zo’é people, also known as the Poturu, a tribe of about 160 in Brazil, near the headwaters of some Amazon River tributaries. They were unknown in the West until 1987.

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New Feature: Current Reading and Listening

I have added a fun new feature: on certain pages (the home page, Music page, EdBlog, and books section), my current and most recent reading and listening selections will appear on the left side. I have always thought this was a cool feature on other sites, because it’s (a) interesting to see what makes people tick and (b) a good way to learn about good books and music from people with similar interests.

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Cool Meta Tag and the Most Concise Blog, Ever

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John Graham Cumming‘s blog (the one and only entry):

May 26, 2005: I don’t have one; I don’t have the time

Why Isn’t Sean O’Keefe Unemployed?

I would like to know why NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe still has a job. For that matter, I’d like to know why no charges are pending against him or anyone under his authority. Fully a year after Columbia’s disintegration over Texas – a series of mistakes and arrogant inactions that cost the lives of seven of America’s finest and a billion-dollar spacecraft – he has the same job, same pay, same cock-sure, “I – I mean we – know everything” attitude, and little risk of being sent off to federal prison.

Mistakes happen. Poor judgments happen. Negligence and dereliction of duty do not just happen. NASA’s leadership had every indication that something might be wrong with the shuttle; several engineers warned that the worst was possible, yet no tests were conducted until after lives were lost, no contingency plans were developed, and no effort was made to evaluate or repair the damage from space.

At NASA, the buck stops at the desk of Sean O’Keefe. Last February, so did seven lives and billions of dollars of public funds. I don’t believe that he should resign – he shouldn’t be allowed that dignity. Rather, he should be escorted from his office by NASA Security.

Where is accountability?