Tax Breaks for Witchcraft Schooling???

This is astounding. If you don’t want to read the whole article, just read this pithy quote, from the owner/operator of a witchcraft school:

If he [Dutch PM Peter Omtzigt] would come here and try the divination rod and see how important it is to find things, see that it isn’t pleasant to have earth radiation in your house, feel the forces of the earth, that would be magnificent.

I’m either going to go root out some earth radiation or do something rather more productive, like read for Professor Epstein’s torts class. Let’s see…

Justice Alito

Bush nominated Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, today. Judge Alito is currently on the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (PA, NJ, DE). From everything I know of him and his judicial history, I couldn’t be happier about his nomination.

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I just knew that was too easy…

Well, I screwed up my memo on (a) issues, (b) application of one court decision, and (c) citations. Wonderful. At least I caught it all before handing it in.

Back to editing… I want to go to bed.

UPDATE 10/30 (5:30 PM): It got done and handed in, anyway, but boy, that was annoying. Now to catch up on notes and outlining for Elements and CivPro. Oh, and Torts… Oh, yeah, Contracts, too… <sighs>

Windows XP Pro SP2 Hibernation & Standby Problems

My Dell laptop has 1.5 GB of RAM and about 45 GB free hard drive space, yet it can’t hibernate. It tries, resets the screen to some hideously low resolution, then fails, with the message “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.” Translation, you have too much memory installed. It also refuses to enter standby mode, about 1/3 of the time – it will standby properly, then wake itself up, say, 15 minutes later, and proceed to try and cook itself in its case. Yesterday, it nearly succeeded.

Microsoft claims the problem is rare, anyway, only occurs under extreme conditions, was fixed in SP1, and was made even less likely by SP2. This is B.S., pure and simple, as it seems that everyone with more than 1GB of RAM experiences this, regularly, even with relatively few programs running.

So, before I damage my laptop or bite the bullet and remove 1/3 of the RAM I’ve paid for, does anybody out there know a way around this? I must be able to either standby or hibernate, several times each day, and switching this system to Linux is probably not yet a realistic option, thanks.

What the…?

I get lots of random feedback from this site; some people want advice, others want computer help, some want to pick a fight over religion or politics, and some… well, I don’t know what some people want.

Some guy used my contact form to send me five different credit card numbers, this morning, with expiration dates, issuing bank, and security codes. I think at least some of them were actually legitimate. I don’t get it.


Well, apparently I’m not just spitting into the wind. Several people have mentioned EdBlog posts to me, just this week. Yeah! I have actual readers!

If any of you readers want to offer input as to what I should do with this (i.e., post topics, general site comments, whatever), please leave a comment (below, or you can click on the title of the post, above, if there’s no comments box on this page).

FOSS OTD: 10/25-10/28

Caching up, again, on the FOSS OTD:

  • 10/25: GNU Privacy Guard – GPG is a free version of PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, a suite of strong encryption tools. While GPG doesn’t have all of the same features, it does allow you to encrypt files or e-mails with extremely strong encryption.
  • 10/26: WINE (“WINE Is Not an Emulator”) lets you run Windows applications under Linux and Unix. Very cool.
  • 10/27: Cooperative Linux lets you run Linux on Microsoft Windows, much like commercial systems like VMWare. This actually works pretty well.
  • 10/28: phpBB is a free and open source bulletin board (discussion group) package. It’s fast, reliable, and absolutely free. In fact, I’m thinking of installing it on here.

Obviously, it looks like I bit off more than I can chew with this FOSS OTD idea. I barely even have time to think about a blog, much less think of something to put on it, most weekdays. So, I’ll probably post items as they strike me, not necessarily on a daily basis.

Memo, Schmemo

I just finished my first draft of my second legal writing assignment, a six-page (1800 word) memo on a hypothetical case involving a broken marriage engagement. It was actually quite fascinating to see how my thoughts on the legal issues evolved, from the time I finished reading through the materials to the time I finished typing my memo.

At first, I had a neat little set of answers. The more I pored over the materials, though, and tried to express my expectations about how the court would handle various claims, the more my expectations changed. It was really very interesting. In fact, this kind of experience – that is, learning to attack a problem from all sides – is just downright good for you.

FOSS OTD: The Regex Coach

Today’s FOSS OTD is oriented towards programmers who need a good way to test regular expressions. Check out The Regex Coach – interactive regular expressions. It updates in real time, as you edit a regex or its target text. Very, very cool. Not actually open source, but still very cool.

FOSS OTD: 10/19-10/23

Okay, so I got behind on the FOSS OTD postings. Catching up:

  • 10/19: PHP is a wonderful, fast, and flexible OSS scripting language for web programming and stand-alone applications.
  • 10/20: FileZilla is a free FTP client. There is also a great FileZilla Server application.
  • 10/21: PuTTY is a free telnet/SSH client. Very dependable and flexible.
  • 10/22: Notepad++ is a free Windows Notepad replacement, which allows for tabbed editing, source formatting, and more.
  • 10/23: MySQL 5.0 just reached production status – this is the world’s best database system. Check it out!